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Oxford Africa is a technology company that has pioneered industry-led in-demand training programs in africa. We offer programs in software development, data science, design and digital marketing. Oxford Our bootcamps and Masterclasses are project-based and are geared to thousands of bootcamp students launch new careers in the tech industry.

The team

Meet the team.

  • Mary Luseka
    Program Director

    Mary is a strategy & marketing professional with over 17 years’ international experience. She is the immediate former CEO of Brand Kenya Board. View more on LinkedIn

  • Guido Bürger
    Director, Global Partnerships

    Guido is a Global Consultant who started his career teaching Geography in Germany and moved into Tourism Industry and finally Tech! He manages our Global Partners Outreach

  • Antony Njoroge
    Director, Student Outreach

    Antony has a wealth of experience in experiential marketing. He helps us find talent we can mould with our programs. He is also a Director at Oakwood Brand Consulting.


Creative software using modern in-demand technologies.


Beginner's Flutter
Developer Bootcamp

Get started with Flutter — the cross-platform toolkit that lets you write code once and deploy to iOS, Android, and even the desktop and the web! You’ll build two full Flutter apps and pick up some key elements of the Dart language, UI design, debugging and more!


Become an iOS
Developer Bootcamp

Learn to build modern and stylish iOS apps with Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode and develop in-demand skills that you can use to create apps for any of Apple’s many platforms — and ones that you can showcase to potential employers today.


Become a React Native
Developer Bootcamps

Learn how to create immersive mobile applications with React Native and learn how to research and understand documentation so you can build out any feature you are required to build. Choose from Beginner, intermediate and advanced options. 


Flutter Developer

Be on the leading edge of cross–platform development as a Flutter developer. Writing great-looking UI for both iOS and Android is now truly possible in a single codebase. Flutter developers are in high demand — get your early start on this platform today.


Become an Android
Developer Bootcamp

Learn to craft Android apps using Kotlin and Android Studio, and create apps that will dazzle your users with their modern design as well as their stellar performance. Get your start in the massive Android job market today.


Become a WordPress
Developer Bootcamp

This course is geared for people with HTML & CSS coding experience. This is our most extensive WordPress training and will teach you how to use WordPress from scratch. You’ll learn both sides of using WordPress (with and without coding).