Google Analytics Bootcamp


Learn Google™ Analytics.

This comprehensive workshop takes a deep dive into Google Analytics and its many applications.

Learn how to set up an account and understand what you should be tracking. Leave with a solid understanding of the tool and how to optimize its wealth of data towards your advantage.

A Google Analytics account is not mandatory. However, if you already have one, please make sure you have access to it during class. For more information about the topics covered in the course, please refer to our syllabus below.

New: Introduction to GA4

GA4, short for Google Analytics 4, is Google’s latest version of Google Analytics. In this course we will provide an introduction to GA4, as it’s still in development and many of the features in Universal Analytics are still not available in GA4. The changes in GA4 are exciting and include a new interface, a new data model and new methods for tracking events that matter to you. This will help you get on a path for success once GA4 is ready for full adoption.

What you will learn at a glance
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This bootcamp is meant for those with limited Google Analytics experience looking to master the tool and leverage Google Analytics to drive insights.
  • Understand what Google Analytics is
  • Determine important KPIs you need to track
  • Take a deep look into Google Analytics Reports
  • Get a deeper look into your website visitors’ behavior to find opportunities for growth
  • How to track the success of your marketing campaigns with Google Analytics
  • Learn how to answer specific marketing questions stakeholders ask
  • Understand key terms in Google Analytics
  • What the differences are in GA4 compared to the Universal Analytics
  • How to get started with GA4
  • A walkthrough of the GA4 Interface

Frequently Asked

Who is the target audience for this course?

The program is best suited for:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to understand and improve their website performance with data


  • Marketers looking to learn how to effectively use Google Analytics to interpret and apply data to improve marketing, optimize a site, or understand customer behaviour
Does this course require any prior knowledge or experience?

Students must be comfortable using a computer. No other prior knowledge is required. 

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

No. We provide computers (Mac or PC) with relevant software installed.

A Google Analytics account is not mandatory, however, if you already have one set up, you’ll need to make sure you have access to it during class.

Do you offer payment plans or student financing for this course?

This course does not qualify for payments plans or student financing.  Students with disability are however eligible for a subsidised fee structure. Please call our admissions office to discuss your specific financial need.

Can I take this course online (remote learning)?

This course requires in-person attendance. Students in the diaspora are eligible for e-learning. Please call our admissions office to discuss your specific attendance need.

Course Syllabus

Section 1
  • Creating a Composition
  • Importing Media
  • Organizing the Project panel
  • Working with Layers in a Composition (Timeline)
  • Transform Properties: Position, Scale, & Rotation
  • Working with Audio
  • Animating Transform Properties such as Position
  • Adding Easing
  • Swapping Out Layer Content While Keeping Keyframes
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Layer Styles: Drop Shadow & Stroke
Section 2
  • Adding Video
  • Slowing Down Video (Slowmo)
  • Animating Multiple Layers Simultaneously with Parenting
  • Animating Opacity
  • Adding Audio & Video Fades
  • Changing Work Area & Composition Duration
  • Copying & Pasting Keyframes
  • Creating a Vignette Effect with a Mask
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder
  • Exporting Files
  • Media Encoder vs. Render Queue
  • Working with Adobe Illustrator Files
  • Making a Dummy Comp Before Importing
  • Organizing the Timeline: Color Labels & Shy Layers
  • Animating Transform Properties: Scale, Position, & Opacity
  • Animating Multiple Layers Together
  • Creating Staggered & Sequential Animations
  • Exporting Transparent Video
Section 3
  • Working with Adobe Illustrator Files
  • Converting Illustrator Layers into Native Shape Layers
  • Trim Paths
  • Adding Masks to Layers
  • Using Track Mattes
  • Adding Effects
  • Creating & Editing After Effects Text
  • Animating with Text Animators
Section 4
  • Combining Nesting Compositions
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding Motion Blur
  • Animating With the Linear Wipe Effect
  • Applying Multiple Text Animators
  • Saving Text Animation Presets
  • Creating a Write-On Text Effect
Section 5
  • Moving Layers in 3D Space
  • Working with Cameras
  • Working with Lights
  • Animating Layers in 3D Space
  • Adding Depth of Field
  • Working with Video
  • Working with Audio
  • Looping Video & Audio
Section 6
  • Creating Curved Motion Paths
  • Looping an Animation with Expressions
  • Working with Essential Properties
  • Adding Motion Blur to a Nested Comp
  • Point Tracking
  • Motion Tracking
  • Null Object Layers
  • Working with Multiple Trackers
  • Importing After Effects Comps

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